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What is the value of a user profile image?

Does a user profile need to show their image? Somewhere I came to understand that this will give the user more of a feeling of personalization, but would it add any other value?
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navigation bar as drag and drop component

For a plafform for build mobile apps, I'm working in a concept about how to propose a flexible personalization of navigation bars (bottom and top). The technical solution proposed by developers is ...
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Should email-address be a fallback for salutation in e-mail, when there is no first name known?

So within the platform, first & last name is optional. When we send out emails with salutation, should we fallback to the e-mail address as a name (when first name = null) or should we just leave ...
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Restricting user freedom of customisation

The context: Currently working on the redesign of an employee attendance app that's used by various companies. At the moment the companies that use the app can set their own attendance statuses to ...
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When to ask the user to login for a more personalized experience

I’m currently working on an appointment platform for a drugstore chain. The current flow is as follow : User select a service and get geolocated or enter is own location information. The user can see ...
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User profiling for personalized apps

I am trying to create a taxonomic user profile for a personalised recommender system. thought this system we can make user behavior assumtions such as: User A from country A is interest in Parks 20% ...
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How to best disclose in which ways a webpage is personalized?

I’ve got this idea about explaining to people how each webpage on a site was personalized to them. E.g. the currency you see can be based on the location-from-IP address, the article recommendation ...
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When to ask invited users to register?

I work with a SaaS B2B company and I'm currently working on enhancing the onboarding experience for invited users to use the app. Note that we want to learn about the user from the beginning so we can ...
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pros and cons for favorite in big menu navigation

We are a large company and our suite of application can have at its maximum 300 links for the various pages across it. its very rare for a customer to purchase the entire suite of application. Lest ...
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Should a user know when they are shown personalised results?

When displaying suggested articles that are unique to the user, based on a personalisation algorithm, should the user be told that the articles have been targeted to them? Would it be bad practice to ...
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Why do so many organizations collect first and last name on the sign up page?

Can anyone explain to me, why so many organizations collect your first and last name (rather than just your full name) on the sign up page?
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Alternatives to 'perspectives'

When looking at popular software like Eclipse, Adobe, 3D-Sutdio-Max, XCode they all do all the same to narrow the interface to a specific task by re-organizing the layout & panels for you. This ...
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Personal Websites - Simple or Animated, how to balance between creativity and content-ambiguity? [closed]

Personal websites are a space to showcase personal skills, and show passion about different things, whether by writing articles, or building things. Animated websites, sometimes, are hard to be ...
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How many questions is too many when profiling a user?

We are building a fit finder for a client that enables users to find out whether or not there is a career that fits their competencies, their soft skills and hard skills. But we don't want to lose ...
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Should I personalise forms

I am creating several forms which will be completed by a manager in order to make changes to an employee's contract (For example changing hours/Promotion/Leaver), The first few fields on each form ...
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Simplifying the ui as a user gets more familiar with your app

Not long ago I read an article (probably on Smashing magazine or A List Apart, but possibly elsewhere) about gradually simplifying and changing the emphasis of a ui over time. e.g on a first visit the ...
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Should you include names in emails?

There are some similar questions to this, however this has a very specific reasoning. Should you include a names in emails? The reason I ask this is because I have been reviewing my MailChimp lists ...
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