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Options for manual camera controls on a phone app

I am making an advanced camera app for Android. Right now, I have come up with 2 ideas for implementing 3 manual controls (focus distance, sensor sensitivity, and exposure time) on a touch screen: ...
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Switch camera icon on left or right side? [closed]

I'm building a custom snap-photo flow in between another flow in my App. So here I have an interesting dilemma. Should the Selfie/Rear cam toggle icon be on the left or right side and why? [image ...
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Prototyping and testing a mobile app with access to camera

I'm just overwhelmed with the plethora of ways to create prototypes, yet I can't find one to do what I want. click on an image, video plays, then open device's camera Simple eh? The only way I ...
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Best practices using free camera in 3D settings

We are looking to build an application with a 3D render of some object. We came across two different way of handling the camera with the mouse. Setting 1 babylonJS (select 2-basic elements in the top ...
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How do I tell the user to fill the whole mobile screen?

I have a mobile app which is meant to scan barcodes. The code itself is wider than the heigth, I do have a logo on the left hand side which indicates which way up and where the begining of the code is,...
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