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3 answers

UX to collect multiple forms in mobile application

In the current mobile web Application I am working with, there are multiple forms to be collected from users (10 forms) and each form looks similar to that in the image below What is the best UX for ...
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1 answer

Another option for popup selector

I have a form which has a disabled field for company name. It has a button, on clicking it, a search window opens up and there we can search the company name and then submit. On Submit,the disabled ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Multiselect treeview of checkboxes on a mobile device?

What is the best way of implementing something like this on a mobile device? Which is an example of a multiselect dropdown box with a hierachy implemented in JQuery UI:
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2 votes
4 answers

carousel in responsive site - should I keep or remove the navigation arrows?

I'm designing a responsive website and I have a question about the carousel element I have in the site: the carousel has right and left arrows < content_content_content > that reveals previous and ...
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1 answer

Carousel Menu on Mobile Device [closed]

So, I made this carousel menu as a second menu and using Jquery Mobile framework. This carousel is clickable and when i saw on some reference there's also swipe for touchscreen. Is my carousel ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Best layout for a custom calculator (for mobile web browser)

I like to record my Max Weights for exercises (e.g. Bench Press) on my phone. I have a web app I created for doing this. One of the tools I created is a "Barbell Calculator". I plug in my weights ...
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1 answer

Can this double picker be achieved by a web app (not a native app)?

Can this double picker be achieved by a web app in HTML (not a native app)?
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2 votes
3 answers

title placement in mobile apps

What's best practice for placing page titles in mobile development? In jquerymobile it looks like header is great placement, however titles can be long (ecommerce products), and because they're "...
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