i'm designing a a site an i need to use a page across the site's inside subsections ,

i'm trying with several approaches but don't want to mess the breadcrumb navigation , and i also don't want to duplicate this page 3 times, how can i handle it?

site.com\ section a\ content a common page section b\ content b common page section c\ content c common page

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While there's A LOT of information needed, it seems to me you're facing a classic IA problem: the dreaded this item belongs to everyone approach. And again, I don't have the information, but in most cases, the problem is that the IA is wrong.

See, you always need to think in terms of hierarchies and levels. So, let's say you have 3 categories (small biz, enterprises, government) for which you have a common element, let's say a service (using this example because it's pretty common and I feel like your case must be similar). According to your question, you have this structure:

enter image description here

This will obviously break any breadcrumb or tree or whatever, because once you get to service... where do you get back to?

As you may see, service is the common element, so you should try something like this:

enter image description here

Now you can easily get back to the original page.

Or, put in other simply and easy to remember words: a branch never becomes a root

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