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React is a cross-platform, open-sourced framework aimed at simplifying UI development. It allows developers to build UI's using logical/semantic components like <Calendar> or <FlowChart> instead of starting with HTML entities like <div> and <span>. Components are built entirely in Javascript rather than split into HTML/CSS/JS files. React aims to create UI's that are more composable and maintainable, and can work across both native or web platforms.

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Element for the age of cheese

I am creating an app using React and antd where users must enter information about cheese. I need an element to ask the user how aged their cheese is. The following options are possible: [0-12] ...
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What are the most common screen and browser width/height sizes to handle in order to cover common devices and browsers (i.e. both web and native)?

Question I have a library that I implemented to use in my frontend projects. (Details are not much relevant, but just in case you may wonder, they are provided below in the Background Info section. I'...
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Simple ways to display search results with lots of text and enable easy parsing of information

I'm working on some test infrastructure stuff in my company and developing a web front-end meant for comparing the results of different UI tests (automatic ones running in the background mostly). ...
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What is the best way to start designing this website? [closed]

I am new UI(ReactJS) Developer, I want to develop this webpage from scratch, however, I am not that experienced, hence, confused how to actually start. Should i start with logo or header or sidebar or ...
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Advice for improving internal dashboard [closed]

I work for a book manufacturer, a component from our internal dashboard looks like this: . I'm not a designer by trade and as it's come to refactoring the project, I figured now would be a good ...
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Configuration for a timegrid

I have a React+Bootstrap app which displays a timeline of events, to which the user can add a grid, with vertical markers at regular intervals. The default interval is 1 second, so a vertical line is ...
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UI element names and hierarchy for web SaaS B2B application [closed]

I´m building an ReactJS based library of web elements for a SaaS B2B application. I know this is common, but I´m having lots of difficulties choosing right names for my visual hierarchy. What I call ...
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How to handle api server down

I build my website with react + redux and i read my datas from an API on an others server, so one server can be down and the others not. Here is the condition of my question: The API server is down, ...
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What are the principle accessibility concerns that one might have with a front-end developed entirely in React JS

There is a complicated application which is heavy in data processing and front end developers considering implementing the designs entirely with React JS. As this tool is responsible entirely for ...
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