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Pie chart colors accessibility

I have to find colors for a pie chart that look nice and are accessible at the same time. I found that pastel colors look nicer than bright bold colors. But for different kinds of color blindness, ...
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Is there a use case for Pie charts sliced by date?

I dislike pie charts. They have a lot of documented flaws. However some of our customers still love them, so we support them. Question is, is there a valid use case for a pie chart sliced by date? ...
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Pie Chart VS Doughnut Chart: When to use each? [closed]

What is the UX rationale behind picking a doughnut chart vs a pie chart or viceversa? I'm asking because I'm intrigued as to why a designer would prefer to represent data with a pie instead of a ...
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How to figure out a threshold at which I should show "other" in a chart?

I recently decided to add visualisations for one of my projects and found that there's too many data points to visualise them and not all of them matter. Since there's a lot of various data being ...
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Should a pie chart show the legend for a wedge with 0%?

I and my colleague have a difference of opinion. We are creating a chart of, lets say, fruits. Like this one: But what if the value of oranges is 0%? Do we show the legend anyway? Like this: Or ...
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What data visualization fit my Air pollution app

I have created an app that measures 7 Air pollution parameters (like dust, and car pollution, etc...) and combine the results in to the final pollution level: this is the app description and here is a ...
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If Tufte dislikes pie charts, does he also hate Venn diagrams? [closed]

From what I gather, one of Tufte's (and many others') objections to pie charts is that it is hard to tell the size of the slices with respect to the whole. Yet, the intersection of Venn diagrams ...
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Effective arrangement of pie chart slices

I am working on a report which currently uses a pie chart to display data, and frequently come across cases where there are a number of very thin slices next to each other. Is anyone aware of ...
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