I am developing an android app and currently have a AutoCompletEditText implemented for selecting source of meme. However I want to limit source selection to limited number of options and therefore it becomes dropdown menu which takes a lot of space and unnecesary opens keyboard. Because of this, I was wondering, what is a better way to implement category selection? Below is example of the screen.

Example of the implemented screen

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You didn't specify how many items there were initially, and how many items the user can check. You can use a listbox if there are more than 15 items. Here is a guide from NNG about when to use a listbox vs when to use a dropdown list.

Modern platforms usually use listboxes too for categories and filters, but in a slightly different form called chips. This is an example from LinkedIn:

enter image description here

Here the selected chips are highlighted in green, and the selectable ones aren't highlighted at all.

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