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Explaining complex terms
0 votes

I found a good example in Strava app It's almost perfect, but I think the dotted underline should be always visible. In their app if you hover the term it gets a dotted underline, info-icon and ...

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Better Redesign of a pop-up with too many checkbox options
3 votes

I think the best solution is to categorize the features. You could differentiate them by their destination, so for example: Bathroom Bathtub Shower Hydromasage Hairdryer Towels Toilet Recreation ...

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Let users know that card is not final draft?
2 votes

It would be better for us to see, what the cards will look like. The watermark might be not visible if the graphics are very complex. Just like @setht said - the colored borders might be a good idea, ...

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Are there any established patterns for a grid populating based on an input?
Accepted answer
4 votes

There are lot of apps using this pattern, for example shopping lists. In your solution I would change the position of [+] button to the left, because in your case eye has to wander from left to right ...

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