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Auto capitalization of name input fields
8 votes

The best experience for the user is to let them review how their name looks on the site and allow them to change it whenever they are displeased. This approach is similar to GMail not asking for ...

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Should a web browser indicate "year" near the lock icon to encourage more safe/secure website?
3 votes

From user's perspective that makes no sense at all. DNS/SSL/domain/certificates etc, user does not know about any of these. He is interested in the answer to one question: Will the data I transfer ...

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Are there any recent studies of the "Keyboard vs Mouse"-issue?
1 votes

Both mouse and keyboard have their own universal language. Mouse has it's move, hover, click, drag, drop, double-click, right-click, wheel up/down, middle-click style universal language. Keyboard has ...

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Monitors display more colors than human eye can distinguish
0 votes

Because if you used 7-bits instead of 8-bits per RGB component, you'd get 21-bits for all color space and that would sum up to about 2 million colors, much less than what we can see.

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