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Thorsten S.
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I am an ex-scientist with very broad interests working now as software developer.

If you read my contributions, you may notice that I am writing in an extremely direct and open way which can be quite unnerving especially if you personally are very polite or belong to a culture which values politeness. "Yes" means yes, "No" means no, do not try to find hidden depths in the conversation. Especially if I say negative things like "This is wrong/incorrect", do not see it as personal attack. The easiest thing to cope with it is to imagine me like a computer.

I have a more cynical, utilitaristic and pessimistic view and answers are modelled by taking my own conclusions and experience gathered from other people. So some earnest answers may clash with your preference for answers who sound good. I see me more in the role of a narrator who has experienced many things, so do not arrive at the conclusion that I actually follow or condone behavior described in answers you disagree with.

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