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43 votes

Is a confirm email address field still considered a best practice?

12 votes

What 5 things must I do to become a well-rounded, progressive UX Designer in my career?

11 votes

eLearning: Courses on Usability, UI, UX, or XD?

10 votes

Usability/UX elevator pitch?

9 votes

Advanced books on UX

9 votes

Graphic design resources

7 votes

What are the best IxD/UI Pattern libraries?

6 votes

Is there any resource for UI examples?

4 votes

Big list of UX techniques

4 votes

Tips for A/B testing?

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What good mentoring programmes are there?

2 votes

What should be included in a standard web UX/usability audit and recommendation?

2 votes

What book would you recommend as a decent 'intro to UX' aimed at non-practitioners?

1 vote

What tools (ideally affordable ones) would folks recommend for creating a website wireframe?

1 vote

Recording website speed

0 votes

What can I do now without schooling to get me experienced in UX?