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Added value through 15+ years of expertise in managing projects, teams and developing software in web-based, client-server and mainframe systems that exceeded client and employer expectations.

Through a passion for adding value beyond employer and client expectations, that expertise has - funded projects through cost and resource savings - created new business opportunities through technology and skill development - optimized project management, program management, line management and direct report productivity - yielded quality and schedule improvements - made unique and lasting engineering, methodology, process and productivity excellence contributions to some of the most successful IT projects in the US, Great Britain, Europe and Korea.

Colleague descriptions include - a “Swiss-army knife in software development” - “all things technical” - the “go-to guy... on either established or new technologies” - "tireless... bulldog... relentlessly on target..." - "important and lasting contributions to each assignment" - "consistently superior technical performance" - "high professional commitment to his work and to the Company" - "highly thought of by our clients... extremely active in enhancing our business" - "a huge asset"

Management expertise includes talent acquisition and management, project management, program management, managing vendor relationships, creating software development processes, leading software development teams and managing developers at all organization levels including participation in the C-suite.

Technology expertise includes programming UNIX, Solaris, Linux, C, C++, C#, .NET, Java SE/EE, JSP, JSTL, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, HTTP, CSS, XML, IBM MVS, COBOL, FORTRAN, assembler, CICS, ADS/O, IDMS, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Visual Studio, Eclipse, SOAP, SOA, MVC, HMVC, CodeIgniter, MX, Bootstrap, Ace - Responsive Admin, 3-Tier and others.

Certifications in technology and methodology have qualified companies to be Microsoft Solution Providers and to provide IT services to the British government.


Adding value in and through software development and project management that saves time, money and resources and creates new opportunities beyond expectations.

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