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Why do some users complete forms all in capital letters?
4 votes

If that is the way they have entered it, don't mess with it. Soft validation at the time of capture is recommended. In the extreme they may be using "assistive" technology and we do not want to offend ...

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Do users log-out?
3 votes

It is correct to say it depends on their risk, and the usability of the site. I was a NetBank early adopter, and have used used it since before it was a browser application. I cannot share any hard ...

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At what point should an application change the cursor to an hourglass or display a progress bar?
2 votes

1 second is a long time at work. 400ms might be better. longer than this is often identified as "laggy" and calls performance into question. One of the applications I worked on some 20 years ago ...

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Should users be forced into a responsive design (without the ability to opt out)?
0 votes

This is becoming more and more of a problem as the years go by. Shockingly bad design and decisions persist. Many developers being under 30 do not realise what this does for people with macular ...

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