Muhammad Raihan Muhaimin

Hi, I am a software developer who is passionate with Web, Big Data and Machine Learning. I am in love with building cool Web tools, play with Big Data and develop Machine Learning model to help people move forward. I am comfortable with both frontend and backend Javascript, Nodejs, SQL, Python, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Pytorch, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Git, etc. To know detail about my experience please have a look at my resume

I have worked as a Full Stack Software Developer from 2014 - 2017 and gained experience with both frontend and backend javascript. I have made a contribution to various open source library such as React-Native, Node-postgres, knex. I also gained hands-on experience in deploying and managing micro-service based software architecture at AWS. While I worked as a Software Developer I used various machine learning tools and api using python and javascript from which I got really interested in big data. From September 2017, I have started doing my master’s in big data at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC. As a part of my program, I also did a four-month internship at IBM where I worked as a Machine Learning Engineer. During my master's degree and internship, I have become very proficient with tools like Scikit-learn, Pytotch, Python-pandas, Spark, Spark SQL, etc. I have also gained hands-on experience in data cleaning, data consolidation, entity resolution, feature engineering, model development, and validation.

I love anything challenging and I am looking for new challenges where I can contribute and learn a lot.

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