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Why doesn't the space bar have anything written on it?
100 votes

Like most the other keys, the space bar is marked with the glyph of the character it makes.

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Argument for/against splitting login process into checking username, then ask password?
16 votes

The general rule is, every page of process drops the success rate by 50%. It's probably a little bit of an exaggeration, but people think of a page as one unit of work, almost regardless of how ...

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Why do address forms ask for the US state?
10 votes

Asking for the state is redundant Exactly, it's redundant: redundant (adj.) Duplicating or able to duplicate the function of another component of a system, providing back-up in the event the other ...

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Why do my users 're'select the amount in the cart?
1 votes

They are clicking on it because there is an arrow there and they are curious what the arrow does. If there was an up-arrow and a down-arrow, they would realize that the arrows changed the value, but ...

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How to generalize asking for highest level of education in international survey?
Accepted answer
0 votes

I think the words that would be closest to standard in the English-speaking world are "secondary", "undergraduate", and "graduate". However, a person who has not completed secondary education might ...

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