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I have 8 years of experience Developing web based applications. Have experience in managing short teams as well as working in teams. Most of my technical experience is in but not limited to PHP, MySQL, Python and JavaScript(mostly client side but also have used node.js) but I am language agnostic and always open to learn more. I have worked on both frontend and backend in different projects with different responsibilities. I have created teams as well as managed teams.

Book: I have written "Building RESTful Webservices in PHP7" with Packt pub. https://www.packtpub.com/application-development/building-restful-web-services-php-7


I am listing my skillset here so that you can look at it if required:


Mostly used PHP and Python on server side.

PHP Frameworks Used: Laravel, Lumen, Kohana, Code Igniter

Python Frameworks used: Django, Scrapy

Good understanding and experience in creating and consuming REST API

Used Codeception for REST API Testing

Storage/DB: Used MySQL in most of projects while PgSQL and elasticsearch both are used in one project only.

Basic understanding of MongoDB and have developed a basic todo app in Laravel with MongoDB. Also supervised a team which used Neo4j, so have high level knowledge of that as well.

LAMP Server Configuration:

Can and have configured LAMP server on Amazon EC2 as well as DigitalOcean. Also configured mod_wsgi for Django with Apache2.


Good at HTML5 and CSS

Basic knowledge of Phonegap, bootsrap, HTML5 Canvas, SVG, Photoshop and Web Sockets

Datavisualization using D3 that renders SVG.

version control system: SVN, Git

Mobile: Basic understanding and working knowledge of Android SDK including some of its UI components, SQLite and AsyncTask as I used them in my BS project.

Operating Systems: Ubuntu and Windows

Other than above skill-set I am good learner and always ready to learn anything required to accomplish work.

Other interests: I am always interested in improving things.Other than what I have currently done and know. I am also interested in working in Node JS, functional paradigm, WebGL, noSQL and search engines.


I have done many projects which are different in nature than each other. Some of them are listed in my resume with my experience and other detail. However, please note that my bigger plus is not my skill-set but my quick learning abilities.

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