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Full Stack Technology Consultant, expertise in complex software application architecture and development.

I have worked with a bunch of full stack application which grows in multi-directions and magnitude. I am a lover of Test Driven Development methodology.

  • Experienced in MicroService based development and architecture design.

  • Experienced in mentoring and leading teams.

  • Experienced in developing applications from scratch LAMP and MEAN stacks.

  • Strong ability to develop applications with REST and GraphQL.

  • Proficient with databases like MySQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis and Memcached.

  • Experienced in FrontEnd Technologies like, JavaScript, ES6, Angular, Typescript, jQuery, HTML, HTML5, JSON, Bootstrap, SCSS, LESS and CSS.

  • Experienced in MiddleLayers Technologies like RabbitMQ, Azure Function, AWS Lambda, Netflix Eureka and Netflix Conductor.

  • Experienced in DevOps CI/CD tools: Jenkins, Docker, Azure Container Storage, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Bitbucket Pipeline and Codacy.

  • Experienced using build & testing tools: WebPack, Gulp, Grunt, Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, and Chai.