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167 votes

OK/Cancel on left/right?

29 votes

Does style matter in a good UI?

17 votes

What name is this text effect known by?

16 votes

Documents similar to Microsoft's guide on creating the best user experience

13 votes

Pagination Best Practice

10 votes

Actionable form element size

9 votes

Wizard interaction - which of the following methods serves the user better?

8 votes

White text on black background

5 votes

Phased re-designs

5 votes

How to handle selections with a lot of options?

4 votes

Search as you type

4 votes

How to optimise the space used by tags in the right column of StackExchange sites?

3 votes

Which prototyping tools?

2 votes

Designing for the iPad

2 votes

Which are the best UI related blogs/sites?

1 vote

Learning about usability

0 votes

Brain computer interface