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I discovered interaction design in the year 2007, and realized that it was a direction I have wanted to take my career. However, my career since then has been more about software than interaction design. I graduated a year later in computer science and have worked for almost 5 years as a software developer. I am looking for a mentor who can help me shift my career more in favor of interaction design.

My current plan is to go to graduate school; this has been on my mind for the past 3 years. I want to be able to prepare a good application (to produce good work and then have it "show" through recommendation letters and a portfolio). I would very much appreciate a mentor who could help me select a good graduate program, know how I can begin to gain more experience in the field, how to network within the interaction design community, and how to prepare an effective application.

My interests include productivity, organization of complex ideas or thoughts, motivation, learning (especially through games), simulation, education (especially language education).

Thanks for reading!

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