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Selecting multiple folders
4 votes

First, you may start with a default backup option enabled. Instead of starting with no backup set, assume your user installed the application to backup something, and start doing it with the most ...

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Should the order of add / edit / delete buttons be based on the frequency of their use?
3 votes

In my opinion New is very different from Edit and Delete, as it does not require an item to be selected. Edit and Delete refer to some item, thus should kept hidden while no item is selected, and ...

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Search vs. Look Up
1 votes

I think they are not the same thing, you lookup an entry in an index (even if with many results), while you search for text inside the contents. You lookup a word in a dictionary, you search on google....

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Should disabled options still be flagged as mandatory?
0 votes

No, there is no need for it to be marked as mandatory, unless, in the same screen (or going back) you also have other toggles that actually disable the selected state for that item, or you can in any ...

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Is skeumorphism dead?
-2 votes

The total failure of the Windows 8 Metro interface, also known as "the annoying square things" (in my opinion, based on limited user feedback, the most hated windows version ever, including Vista) ...

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