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I've worked in the IT industry for 12 years across a number of different roles ranging from being a company's entire IT department, a project manager, a Scrum Master, an Architect and developer.

All of my software development experience has been in the financial sector, working on software for the primary market (IPO), regulatory risk software - including conflict management and control room software, large credit risk systems and front office.

While I started off building web-platforms I'm now focussing on WPF and Silverlight applications using Prism. I've fully conversant with SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase. The web-applications I've developed and managed have tended to be large multi-tiered applications.

I am a certified Scrum Master with just under 2 years of active Scrum-Mastering experience and am a strong proponent of Agile and Lean.

I've shifted my emphasis away from project and man-management and have returned to software development and solutions architecture. I am currently migrating a large front-office trading support system to a WPF 4.0 Prism application.

In my spare time I write Windows Phone applications as a way to keep my Silverlight skills sharp. I'm also using this to learn about Windows Azure, which hosts the back-end for my larger phone apps. I've recently started work on Windows 8 Metro applications.

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