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OK/Cancel on left/right?
7 votes

A lot of applications have been shifting to use different styles for OK vs Cancel buttons. One common UI is to have the OK button but a traditional button whereas the Cancel is a link button. This ...

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Should Printer-Friendly button open a new browser window ?
5 votes

I disagree with the need to have a printer friendly button open a different page at all. Using CSS you can hide all the things you don't want to print and make whatever changes are desired. Therefor ...

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What is a good icon image for "Apply All/Remove All"?
2 votes

For select all we use a series of three check marks at an angle, colors based on the arrow icons (we use the same icon set). For deselect all we use the same image, but in light gray shades.

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Most User-Friendly Form Fields for Entering Date/Time?
1 votes

Give a text input where the user can type in the date along with a hint of what format they can use, but then accept any unambiguous format regardless of separators or number of digits. When the user ...

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UI design for ordering items in list
0 votes

My preference is to use drag and drop with clear drag selectors that show up on mouseover. In our application we use a double up/down arrow that shows up to indicate the item can be reordered. ...

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