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Is it good practice to force users to give us their email address before showing them our site?
38 votes

No. Forcing the user to enter an email address before they can view your products will more than likely drive them away, for the following reasons: Increased barrier to entry to your site - resulting ...

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Why does Apple use images of text for headers?
14 votes

They're focussing on visual consistency, at the price of accessibility. It's not how the Web is supposed to work, but it's not much of a surprise that Apple take this stance, given their extremely ...

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Keyboard shortcuts for blog navigation
Accepted answer
2 votes

Yes, I would recommend using keyboard shortcuts for scrolling to specific breakpoints if you have compelling content that can be scanned or viewed in rapid succession (photo blogs are a particularly ...

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Communicating optional, non-exclusive paths through a registration process
0 votes

When presented with unusual problems, I start to question how we ended up in such an odd place—"why haven't others stumbled on this issue much before?" Given that question, it became apparent that we ...

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How to make a text look "clickable" in mobile applications?
0 votes

If you're not in a browser or other environment that the user feels comfortable clicking links in, you must try even harder to delineate links or clickable elements. Blue with an underline is the ...

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