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I love building data analysis applications and graphical visualization that make complex data easy to understand.

I am obsessive about all things java and enterprise software and integration patterns in general. I also dabble in a few JVM based languages such as groovy, scala, JACL and Jelly.

I have a lot of fun with browser oriented user interface toolkits like GWT, EXT-JS, YUI, JQuery. More recently I've been building some fun vizualizations for large data sets using D3 and scalable vector graphics.

Server side, I have a long history (love,hate) with traditional relational databases such as SQL Server and Oracle, but lately have been favoring of more nimble relational databases such as Postgres at scale, and H2. For larger data sets, MongoDB, Redis, Casandra and Hadoop have all proved to be great noSQL solutions and great fun to build and deploy apps in modern cloud environments like Amazon AWS.


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