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I first got into programming with HTML and JavaScript in about 2014. After about a year, I found out I really enjoyed programming, and wanted to do more with it. I had started using Discord and thought it would be really cool to be able to make a bot. I started learning C# with the help of Google, StackOverflow, and Discord programming servers. After a month or 2, I had my first fully-fledged Discord bot, and a new understanding of how limitless programming can feel. For the next 4 years, I constantly challenged myself to do more, and surprised myself almost every time. I then moved to more conventional WPF and console applications, and started learning how to create client/server applications and to use APIs without a library. I created my first Twitch bot, and incorporated it into one of my Discord bot projects. I then added a TCP server to the same application for song requests, and created a WPF client application to play the requested song on the Twitch streamer's computer, complete with your standard music/video controls and a volume slider, making this one of my biggest projects to date. I then got a job at Intuitive IT Solutions as the in-house developer in 2018, and learned PowerShell while working there. I wrote many PowerShell scripts to perform complicated and repetitive IT tasks such as re-building a domain or completely setting up a brand new computer. I also completed a large-scale client/server project using a combination of C# and PowerShell to regularly change passwords for the admin accounts we had on every computer and document the passwords in a safe place via API. I now work at PandoLink Software as a full-stack ASP.NET developer working on their CRM software, and I absolutely love it.

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