Michel Triana

I'm an Entrepreneur, Computer Scientist and a troublemaker. I've co-founded a couple of startups, and now lead the product, design and engineering of the R&D group at JM Family Enterprises Inc.

I enjoy making things and building software. Not only apps, but the engines and frameworks they run on. The things I build must have a purpose, and a good one. Before accepting any job or project, I must come to accept/create a vision and direction in terms of positive impact in the world and society.

I'm a pragmatic business man, scientist, and thinker. Sometimes, I'm told by people no longer working next to me, a little too pragmatic. I have no time to spare and there is no dull moment in my life, because I like to squeeze the orange all the way.

Other than that, I'm a naturally fast-talking-coherent-cursing mthrfckr, which means I will not apologize to anyone for speaking to loud, or being a well-educated nuclear-passionate hot-blooded guy.

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- Leadership, Project Management & Team Building, SDLC, Business Analysis, Design Patterns, Scrum.
- Framework Development, CRM, CMS, SRM, XRM, POS, Financial and Accounting Integration and ERP system development.
- .Net Framework. SQL Server, Web Services, MOSS, SOA, Web and WinApps, Win API, WCF, WF, WPF, SSRS, Crystal. C#, ASP.NET, XML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

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