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A software developer by trade. Bachelor's degree in computer science from University of Oslo.

The programming proper started around 1989 when first, on my dad's encouragement, I began to learn MS-DOS on his IBM PC. [Q]BASIC followed soon after. A couple years later we started with Pascal, C, and C++ curriculum in school, and I got my first C++ qualification certificate, although I doubt it amounted to much, even then. Privately, I was complementing C and C++ with x86 assembly as we dreamed of the demoscene.

I picked up HTML authoring around 1995, having started surfing the Web on a dial-up modem.

As the Web was rapidly expanding around the turn of the millennium, I had learned some DHTML/JScript and CSS and was authoring HTML websites professionally. Cold Fusion was a thing I used to generate (X)HTML pages. I had also picked up XSL and XPath, which were still quite niche then. The browser wars were raging which made developing standards compliant websites a nearly futile exercise.

I then spent a number of years developing Adobe Flash Player applications with ActionScript and eventually HaXe, before Flash Player started spiralling into the obscurity it rests in today.

These days I develop for the Web simply because I consider it an incredibly convenient platform in terms of return of development investment; for all its faults, the APIs cover so much ground one is able to write many more kinds of applications than ever before. I like working with SVG, too.

I do still occasionally dabble in writing Windows (and Linux) applications with both C, C++, and even Python, picking and choosing the "best tool for the job".

I also hold a keen interest in GUIs and UX design, programming language and parser theory and technology, software optimization techniques, operating system and OS kernel design, and 3-D computer graphics (in particular ray tracing).

If you're thinking that I am gaping far too wide here, know then that I do not consider myself "spread too thin" as much as I find my apparent lack of focus invigorating and in fact practical: I have made a habit of looking for patterns exploring aforementioned avenues, looking for some imagined software developer nirvana or "singularity". I believe that knowing something about very varying software development principles, approaches, quirks and domain specific problems and solutions, teaches me to see the more general fundamental structures behind these, common patterns start to emerge when you have developed enough of different software products ranging from a command line utility to a network-distributed system.

My mathematics teacher used to say "know little about everything, and everything about little". Pursuing different interests within the computer science keeps me inspired. And I want to be able to see both the forest and the trees.

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