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Best way to tell a user that another one blocked him/her?
Accepted answer
8 votes

The notion of blocking users is inherently thorny, and is often resolved in the way that presents the least potential for social friction possible. Consider the use case in which one individual is ...

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Should a self-guided tour app show the path taken by a user or just a pin for each visited place?
Accepted answer
4 votes

By default, I would say just a pin, along with a representation of where they currently are (assuming your app has been given geolocation access). As you say, you don't want to discourage wandering ...

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Is there a default behaviour for pressing the ENTER key on an IM dialog?
1 votes

There definitely is some inconsistency across platforms: Facebook's in-browser messenger uses Enter for send, for instance. Assuming the intent is to support multi-line messages, it truly depends ...

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