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Kotlin is just a another Island like Java but less inhabited and much cleaner So now you know Why.....

I have been developing android apps for last 7+ years. I am available for any remote work on Android(java/Kotlin) part time/ full time. You can reach out to me at [email protected].

My skill set includes following as of writing-

• Android, Kotlin, Java, Flutter(Beginner), Jetpack compose(Beginner).

• Android: Jetpack, Data Binding, Material Design, SQLite, Architecture Components, Android SDK.

• Clean Architecture, MVVM, DI.

• Android 3rd party libs: Retrofit (Rest API), Dagger, Room Database, Hilt, FCM.

• Tools: Android Studio, Gradle, Git, Vs code.

• Google services: Firebase, Google Play Console, Youtube player, Location, Google signIn, NLP .

• Web Sockets, REST API, Rx-Java, Coroutines, Leak canary

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