Todd O'Bryan
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Currently, I work as a software engineer for Workday, mostly working in Kotlin on a daily basis. Previous software engineering gigs were Clever, Amazon Music, and Google.

Before that, I taught high school computer science for twelve years, was a graduate student studying theoretical linguistics (during which time I taught Spanish), and before that I was a Teach for America corps member. I majored in Music and Math as an undergrad.

I'm interested in computer science, language, and education. Recently, I'm very drawn to functional approaches and I love working in Scala and like working in Kotlin and TypeScript. I'm competent in Scala, Kotlin, and Java, but would need to brush up on Python, TypeScript, C, C++, or Lisp. I'd love to have an excuse to spend some time with Rust, but I disliked my experiences in Go (get generics, please) and Ruby on Rails (coming into an established codebase meant tons of magic it was hard to understand). For teaching, I've used Scala, Java, Python, Racket (formerly PLT Scheme), and even ProLog, once.

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