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Neuroscientist researching the neuro-computational basis of human decision-making, beliefs, and subjective emotional states. My primary academic interests are anything relating to predictive processing, nonlinear dynamical systems, neuroeconomics, and artificial intelligence.

Outside of academia I enjoy:

  • Philosophy (mainly theory of mind and epistemology)
  • Music (theory, composition, transcription, alternative tuning systems)
  • Programming (R, Python)
  • Mathematics (data science and related applied fields)
  • Gaming (mostly PC these days)
  • Creating maps for Doom/ZDoom
  • I'm open to all music but my favorite genres are: Electroacoustic, orchestral, progressive house, video game OSTs, Jazz/Big Band from 40's-60's, and extreme metal (death metal, black metal, etc.)
  • Sci-fi and fantasy (Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Dan Simmons, J.R.R. Tolkien, etc)
  • Tabletop-RPGs (mostly Dungeons and Dragons)
  • Hiking, weight training, running
  • Cooking
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