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is a process of problem solving and planning for a software solution
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A browser is software to present content on a web site.
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the time it takes a UI to respond to an action by the user and the effect this has on UX.
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A visual representation of a spatial area or non-spatial concept.
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An action is a method or process by which something is achieved by a user. Actions are usually associated with controls, which allow the user to complete an action by operating the control. Examples o…
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the Microsoft desktop Operating System family.
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An interface element that indicates the progress of process by filling a percentage of a shape (usually a rectangle or a bar) with a color. The percent of the bar that is filled reflects the progress …
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A simulation of a product created prior to development for the purpose of testing or gathering feedback.
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a setting affects system function and performance.
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key combinations that allow quick access to certain functionality, often used for power users or command line interfaces.
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The formatting of text and numbers to improve readability or to otherwise improve comprehension.
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a method of direct manipulation where a user moves an item via a pointing device to "grab and drag" an item to a desired location, then "dropping" the item to specify an action to perform.
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Asking a user to confirm the correctness of input either from the system or from the user themselves
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The state of transmitting or receiving information.
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Affordance is a property of an object that naturally indicates how the object can be used.
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media such as that shown on youtube. Questions often relate to how and when to use this on web pages.
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adapting an interface or content to the different languages, skill sets and expectancies of a globally accessible application.
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Typography is the art, process, or style of setting type and creating glyphs.
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Patterns to help advance prospects along the sales funnel.
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Increased detail and explanation for users to gain understanding on certain topics.
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Hover is an interaction state where a pointer (usually a mouse cursor) is held over an item to perform an action or display information.
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a queue for holding items to be purchased online as an analogy to physical shopping carts.
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an input allowing selection of a point on a linear scale
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widely accepted and understood ways of presenting information and interaction opportunities in a UI.
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a dialog box is a type of window used to enable a "dialog" between a computer and its user.
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An 'app' or application typically a self-contained program.
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informational bits of text that appear to guide a user through an interface, usually popping up when a user hovers over an interface element such as a button.
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movement of elements on a screen that can help solidify their relationship, create a visual appeal or rearrange/remove controls or information presented visually
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Messages are objects of communication with the goal to pass information between communicators (human or non-human).
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any process of arranging items in some sequence and/or in different sets
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positioning of visual elements relative to each other.
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confirmation that a user is who they claim to be, either by verifying what they know (password), what they have (a key) or what they are (fingerprints).
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is a place where something happens or is set and may also refer to cultural adaptation for specific countries, regions, or groups.
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a banner, button, or some type of graphic or text on a website meant to prompt a user to click it and continue down a conversion funnel
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Standards are officially sanctioned guidelines for design.
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A home page or index page has various related meanings to do with web sites: It is also usually the first page that the link/site takes you to.
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