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At first I thought this was going to be a 'contrast ratio' or 'colour difference' effect from the 1 pixel darker borders (or maybe it's just aliasing) around each button. But the coloured border effect is a constant colour all the way round, and the red button looks lower at the top and the bottom when compared to the blue. So I suggest this is an effect ...


It's exactly because lights of different wavelengths are refracted differently through a prism, or any other optic instruments with two non-parallel opposite surfaces. Your glass works exactly like the prism above - in a different direction. Typical glasses for the short-sighted looks like the 4th one below - the negative meniscus one. The lens in your ...


The fact that the red is more saturated (0.83) than the blue (0.46) might also make it pop-out more


If you don't want to put users off by see Share disabled you can combine publish and share functions while pressing Share - first save contents in the version history automatically and then start share process. My main point is that any explanations should be avoided - pressing button should be resulted exactly in what user wants to achieve by pressing it.


Actually what you wrote is a common problem that I also come across as a user. If you are based in Singapore, Malaysia or India, you may come across this NETS service which is an online payment service. This online payment service requires users to allow pop-ups in order for their payment verification to go through. One service provider I remember do a good ...

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