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You can simply add the label of the input for context, for example "Clear First name". This is particularly useful if this type of button exists on multiple fields on the page, otherwise it could be unclear what field this button is clearing, especially if users navigate by button or show a list of form items. Just two unrelated notes on the markup you are ...


Yes, it is better to have them minimised instead of hiding them or displaying them in some other way because it keeps the behaviour consistent. You always know that global options are in that menu. To improve usability, you can expand the the menu on hover and display normally so that the user does not need to remember what the icons mean. I have come ...


There should not be two different types of login. Any user should login normally. Once a user logs in, the rights of the users if assigned as an Admin should be displayed preferably with a tag called 'Admin' somewhere near the username on the profile.


Aside from the security issues, usability will be poor. Users do not like checking email to log into websites, as demonstrated by low two-factor authentication adoption rates. While I have not rigorously collected data, there is a clear trend. Two factor is not good UX. The reason for its use is security. When there is no security benefit, two-factor ...


You can Yulia, I'll give you a scenario of how things will work: 1- You need to prepare and generate a QR Code for every book in the library. As a developer, I think you know lots of tools which can generate free QR codes. 2- Make a separate page for every book on the system include the book name, or image or whatever. and besides this info place the QR in ...


Make it narrow and centered. Make sure it's not so narrow that stuff has be wrap or overflow. If it doesn't look natural, play with adding some dark neutral colors around it. You could even put it in a modal if appropriate, that's what I do for my login form.

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