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Card Prioritization

When it comes to prioritization in your card sorting exercise, you can definitely choose to prioritize one or multiple ideas based on their importance, impact, and available resources. Prioritizing ...
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differences between Insights, problems and goals

I totally understand what you are saying. If we see this from a research point of view, we first have a problem, then insights and then goals. Insights is what you get through research, and what you ...
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differences between Insights, problems and goals

Insights, Problems and goals are entirely different from each other. Insights help us gain deep understanding and knowledge from analyzing data, information, or experiences. By running surveys and ...
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differences between Insights, problems and goals

They are different things. Insights are findings or observations derived from UX research. They result from analyzing and interpreting the results obtained through research. You can call them "...
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What is the best user testing method to validate proposed accelerators or system shortcut concepts?

Without a lab setup and a very scientific methodology approached it's quite difficult to research this. Another thing that you could do is do some exploratory research with your users to learn more ...
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Card sorting for deep and narrow IA

This is a pretty common challenge when organizing complex iAs. While card sorting is a great tool, it's not the only method available and sometimes might not even be the most suitable. Let's consider ...
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