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Google flights mobile app feedback/research

That's going to be tough. I've skimmed your existing text, and you make it sound like Google Flights is currently not user-centered. That's blankly incorrect. The first thing you've got to realize is ...
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What are various factors to be considered for Font Selection Parameters for any applications?

The four basic elements to consider when choosing a font are: x-height, width, special characters and number of styles. Readability Based on the design of the app/web, choose fonts with better ...
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Two People screen sharing in MS Teams

I'm going to quote Roux Martin's comment... If I share my screen with you then my screen appears on your screen. If you then share your screen with me then I can see my screen and your screen showing ...
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How to depict different categories on a table?

Assuming that the "SL No." column is important and has relevance to this display, option 1 has the greatest separation for distinguishing between the two categories - the grouping implies ...
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What is the best method to choose between two options in UI?

Generally speaking, dropdown menus are excellent choices for longer lists because they: Can save space. Don’t overwhelm users. However, dropdown menus are too complicated if users have to select one ...
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Google flights mobile app feedback/research

A few things I would find useful or more user-friendly: You added a "round-trip" dropdown (and most travel apps do this). But why ? It seems easier to me to select a departure date, and If ...
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How to properly let the user know that there are restrictions for a dropdown menu that are dependent on each other?

Show them a total so they see the feedback of their actions as they select. Since there's a total that's fixed, save them the math, and display it. Forgive the crappy graphic design, but here's a ...
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Should newly added card be displayed above default card on list?

What about ordering the cards based on date added? This allows them to determine older vs newer cards quickly (be worth testing the ordering, check what is common amongst other sites too, reduce the ...
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What is the best method to choose between two options in UI?

Of all the options, only the third is suitable, and here's why. In the first case, the number of elements is very small for the formation of a dropdown, in this case it is better to use a list with ...
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What is the best method to choose between two options in UI?

Problem with Option 3 can be the uncertainty in which one is marked? Here in the example it looks like The Blue thick coloured option is marked. Do I click on Vertical to choose it, then? Not a ...
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How many problem statements should I create?

There isn't a specific number of prob statements,you could Write 10 prob statement for each persona but which prob do you tackle first then? That is the key. Which one are they actually trying to ...
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