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Google flights mobile app feedback/research

That's going to be tough. I've skimmed your existing text, and you make it sound like Google Flights is currently not user-centered. That's blankly incorrect. The first thing you've got to realize is ...
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What are various factors to be considered for Font Selection Parameters for any applications?

The four basic elements to consider when choosing a font are: x-height, width, special characters and number of styles. Readability Based on the design of the app/web, choose fonts with better ...
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Google flights mobile app feedback/research

A few things I would find useful or more user-friendly: You added a "round-trip" dropdown (and most travel apps do this). But why ? It seems easier to me to select a departure date, and If ...
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Using NOT in quick filters

Nothing is more clear than explicit text. Why don't you say exactly that: Filtering "Design" not "New" not "In progress" Maybe color code the tags for additional effect....
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Notification popup with a lot of text

Ah, the legal department. Second only to the IT security department in thinking all problems can be solved by popups. The key question is: A. Does successfully understanding the popup content have a ...
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Should a sidebar menu have a sliding animation?

The problem is not animation yes or no, the problem is the type of animation chosen depending on the content. I would recommend studying basic transition types and choosing the one that least disturbs ...
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What is difference between design from product and design from experience?

It's all about perspectives, as Product, Design, and Dev aim to deliver what they think is the best product possible: viable (solves for business case), delightful (matches user's expectations), and ...
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