Clearly communicate the current state of the app/service/website to the user Do not send the missed data to all users Add a button to retrieve the missed data This way users who need the data will get it and you will not put a load on your backend.


Your users are not just sending an email to someone they know, they are sending a message to an entire list of people (possibly on behalf of a whole company). This raises the bar on how careful those sending the message need to be. Canceling implies that you have already started an action, but there is time to stop it. Conversely, undo implies that the ...


Yes. Please let the user return to his initial state.


Remember always, as a principle, that we (as dev) should try to prevent user errors as much as possible. You are talking about a form that is filled in 3 steps. If you are worried about usability, you should consider the following: Users should know where they are at all times, meaning that it should be very clear to them that they are in step 1, 2, or 3. ...


A good way would be to create checkers beside each information that the users would input. Let's say the user has to input four different information in screen A, then there would be four different checkmarks beside each info that lets the user know whether the input is valid or not. That way the user doesn't have to make the mistake first then have to go ...


Perhaps a new design function called 'recent searches' that are stored on cookies/ app and visually accessible on the page like in a side menu or when you click on search again? This may make your product more user personalizable, assuming its on the web.


The main problem I see with offering an UNDO features, especially where bulk-mailing is concerned, is that users may come to rely on it beyond the point that it will still work. Just about every UNDO feature I've ever seen has a point when it will stop working. Even if this "cutoff point" is fairly well defined (exiting a text-editor that offers UNDO ...


Undo feature can help the users to proofread the content if they forgot as per my understating this feature works when you sent an email to 2-3 recipients. If I want to send an email to more then 1000 recipients, I never take a risk to send an email without proofreading, and at that time, I will do the proofread at least 2-3 times. It will be a better ...

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