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Usability testing detects problem in your design, and workshop is more about getting ideas and general feedback. To spare time you can use Lookback or similar tool for remote usability testing, if your goal is to test design.


My approach is to set up the user to tell me when they are done, with the caveat that I'll gently stop them in the interest of keeping us moving. I've rarely had to intervene as long as I let the user know they can't fail, it's them testing our solution vs us testing them. In setting up the test I'll tell the user to indicate when they are done with a ...


Do you think you're having an issue with your test subjects being uncomfortable? Or are you feeling a bit awkward when facilitating sessions? My approach now is a tiny hand clap and saying "Alrighty then, let's move onto the next one" which is not a gesture I make in normal life. It's a bit of a forced gesture I'm making right now to be a little more "...

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