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Do users behave differently to interactive lo-fi wireframes compared to hi-fi mockups in user testing sessions

There are some differences yes, and I have witnessed them myself. Using high fidelity mock-ups makes users think that the system they are using is fully functioning. That makes them think that system ...
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Where can I find studies on UX/UI Design for apps and websites?

https://www.nngroup.com/ is the site you are looking for.
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How to do transitions between the tasks in a qualitative user test?

One way is to have prepared the transitions into your list of questions. You can look into “speech transitions” used in presentations, interviews, etc.
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Icon coloring for color blindness

"Green turns to grey" is not strictly true - For Deuteranopes (the most common form of colour blindness) green turns to a sort of murky brown colour that would be distinguishable from grey. You can ...
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Which way should arrows point for a dropdown button?

To drive this point home even further, I point to the Material Icons by Google. The name of two icons can give you an idea of what the overall consensus for this topic is. As pointed out, the icons ...
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Usability of built-in trackpads in laptops

A touchpad is indeed more awkward to use than a mouse: MacKenzie IS, Kauppinen T, & Silferberg M, 2001. Accuracy measures for evaluating computer pointing devices. Proceedings of CHI, 3(1), 9-...
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Whom should we design for? Early Adopters or Late Adopters?

Just design for both. 20% of users is a big percentage, and it cannot be underestimated. Loosing 1/5 of your user base can kill your business. If the percentage was less than 5% then you could have ...
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Is there any research on the usability of the pull-to-refresh gesture?

I do not think that there is publicly available research specifically on the pull-to-refresh feature. However, I synthesized some similar materials and came up with an answer of my own. Taps vs Swipes ...
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How can I validate website color scheme?

Simply ask a handful of users what they think. Try to focus on the same demographic as the people that your app is targeted towards. Ask them about contrast, mood, readability and style. For ...
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Do you need different set of user to test different platform of a product?

With only 5 to 10 users overall, you will focus on qualitative analysis. The sample will be too small to do any kind of meaningful quantitative analysis. To gather qualitative feedback, it is often ...
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How to distinguish Time-bound vs One time events in a timeline

I would suggest colour coding different actions that can take place within a timeline and further more instead of a single dot you could also include an icon ( eg paperclip ) and make the tooltip ...
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How to distinguish Time-bound vs One time events in a timeline

Try to use color as well as shape to encode differences. In your case, you have to distinguish between two categories of events. The more you can take advantage of visual distinctions, the better: ...
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How to distinguish Time-bound vs One time events in a timeline

An event that is instantanous is an event which start = end. Therefore, you may be able to show what you want by having your users to understand where is the end and the start of an event (sometimes ...
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"Are you sure?" Request for confirmation modal usability research

This pattern is often called friction. Below is an excerpt from the article Friction in UX design can be benificial, by Mia Sheffields: Friction in UX design is when something in the design slows the ...
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Textbox "x" icon

the reason = users clicked on it by accident in the rare cases users want to do it, it is really simple to select all text and press delete on a desktop the idea might need to be revisited for ...
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How should I test my mobile app's user interaction qualitatively?

If I take your question title literally, then you're really after qualitative feedback rather than quantitative feedback. And, if that is the case, then the body of your question is only partly ...
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Why most of the steering wheels in cars is placed in the left side?

The steering wheel is on the side closest to the center of the road so the driver can see the opposite-direction cars better. Countries that drive on the right have the steering wheel on the left and ...
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Open to Discuss: How would you describe <website / product> in one word?

TL;DR: Yes! There is!! I am unfamiliar with sentiment analyses (apart from a quick Wikipedia lookup!), but from an academic perspective, this is touching on UX research using qualitative and ...
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Usability research on tree navigation vs search

" So the key element for them is to find the relevant information as quickly as possible." "There is no possibility to filter on multiple criteria at the same time, nor full-text search. The main ...
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Microsoft Teams - Status colours shown on the UI for Away & Be Right Back are same?

Good question - I looked into it a bit and I can't find anything super convincing. My theory is that they are trying to cater to both the sender and the receiver: Some people might want to ...
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Users are not figuring out that they can use breadcrumb to navigate to go to the previous page

Have you tried using a signifier such as a colour, that makes the text look more like a link you can click on? I've even seen some designers use pills/buttons for each page title, to make it more ...
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Best way to organize data gathered during research?

Great question! Our team went through something similar recently. The affinity diagrams don't scale well. As the number of interviews went up, the affinity diagrams just became incomprehensible. We ...
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Best way to organize data gathered during research?

I'd say you can organize research data on different levels: Organizing data within a research project A increasingly popular way to do that is to create tags to categorize similar information. The ...
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How can I show that a menu item in iOS has its own Settings?

Oh! I thought menu 4 & 5 weren't tappable because of the missing arrows. So based on this new information and your comment on Big_chair's post I have the following idea: User will be sent to "...
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How many participants do you need for unmoderated usability testing?

Jakob Neilsen wrote an article in 2000 called "Why You Only Need to test With 5 Users": https://www.nngroup.com/articles/why-you-only-need-to-test-with-5-users/ As soon as you collect data ...
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Looking for study of (bad) effects when implementing user wishes verbatim

Oftentimes, my suspicion is that "this design" is requested because that's the way it is done in the old version of the product, and thus, we do not get a chance to dig down to the real pain points to ...
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Where can I find studies on UX/UI Design for apps and websites?

https://www.interaction-design.org/ is also one of the best sites if you are looking to do online courses related to user experience.
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Has any research been done on Steve Krug recommendation of using 3 users for a Usability evaluation

Krug most likely recommendeds three users for the same reason that Nielsen recommendeds no more than five users: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/why-you-only-need-to-test-with-5-users/ The law of ...
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Usability evaluation methods: which was first?

I used user testing for my dissertation, published in April 1989. The key idea was the use of 'Thinking Aloud Protocols' which I credit to a 1975 paper by J Morton and R Byrne called 'Organisation in ...
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Task completion rate increased from 53% to 73% but still under the standard average of 78%

The 21 percentage points increase is an impressive improvement and only 4 points below the standard rate. You could explain what adjustments were made and how they could have contributed to the jump ...
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