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Why commonly or frequently used fonts sizes are even numbers like 10px, 12px, 16px, 24px, or 32px?

The point is a measurement system inherited from traditional print typography. It has had various definitions, much like the inch and foot. With the introduction of PostScript, it has been defined to ...
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Accessibility: Registered Trademark logo in Text Logo custom font face

Is the client dead set for having the registered mark on the logo? There's a lot of brands that don't place it there at all. I feel it adds clutter to the logo personally and looks a lot cleaner ...
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Best way to handle when typology used by tech is different than typology presented to users?

Past experiences shape the user’s mental model. They were presented with 5 independent options for flagging the post. On returning to perform the same task (flagging for a different reason), the '...
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