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TinyUrl is a trademarked term referring to a particular company - so "Short" Url" would be better. Oops. ShortUrl is also a company name. As is bitly as is ... At this point it really doesn't matter except that "Url" seems to be more common than does "Link" Any person or organization in the market would understand and be comfortable with any of the stated ...


I think this is a very interesting case in understanding whether skeumorphism is the best approach for replicating a physical functionality digitally. Another well-known example is the notorious volume control button which has a very good rationale in its physical implementation but not so much for digital controls (and same with toggle buttons). There are ...


The correct answer is select. "Select yes or no" "Select your option below" "Select continue" It works the best and I will continue to use it. Thank you all is been enlightening.


The metaphor that comes to my mind is that of a bidirectional joystick or jog switch type control: At rest in a neutral, central position, and causing motion in the direction of either excursion (up or down, left or right). If executed well, the action of the UI control you describe is very learnable by users, especially if you describe the electric window ...

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