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Long Horizontal submenu

The solution is a well-designed mega menu with subitems: Source A real example is the Mailchimp > Resources megamenu with more than 20 submenus:
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Long Horizontal submenu

This problem may appear even with fewer tabs but in smaller viewports. I think one option which you've shared is a good one. But instead of a dropdown, you can add scroll arrows that may appear on ...
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Tabs with status

If you take a look at the Material 3 Design System and see the different types of states a tab can have, you'll find that there are the following you can use to create the status required: Enabled ...
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Segmented control vs toggle switch

Carbon Design System lists this logic for choosing between Toggles and Content Switchers: For binary actions or choices, such as “yes/no” or “on/off” use a toggle instead of a content switcher. A ...
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