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Don't know what tools or ui framework you are using but you can use collapsible areas like in the picture to show both version on same area without tabbed interface. Provided it is achievable in your ui framework.


From my experience Tabs are much more used on Websites, for the representation of the content. And vertical menu is more common in Dashboard style Web applications where there are some options inside to do. Another advantages of vertical menu would be that you can add more items in the future and that they will be all visible (contrary to horizontal scroll ...


Is there a better option in this case? I am stuck Which navigation method you should chose depends on how many options the user have. Few options, a horizontal navigation is OK. Many options I prefer vertical navigation. Speaking of multi-level and many options I found that the way Roundcube (web mail) is handling many options is appealing to me. So I have ...


Based on the context you have given, the newer design, i.e. Menu with submenu will be a better fit. This is because most users will only use Part 1 of the application, whereas parts 2 through 4 are used by selected users. Placing the parts in tabs will not benefit majority of the users. Usually for most applications the features which are not accessible to ...

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