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Maybe grouping your stats into logical groups can help break up the long list? Here's my thinking: In this way, the general category of the stat can be searched for, then the smaller detailed stats are not so difficult to find because you are searching from a smaller group.


Say for example, there are around 10 numerical stats that we want to show. How should hierarchy be determined when we are unsure of what data is most important? This must come from business. Unless you have domain expertise you cannot make any decisions. I did mock-ups for a medical app. Our team though it was organized well for a first draft. A ...


As you know, statistical analysis is one way of providing some level of quality assurance to the results from user testing, and these come with their own limitations and constraints (e.g. sample size affecting significance and confidence levels). Jeff Sauro is someone who has spent a fair bit of time writing and analyzing many of the statistical analysis ...

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