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social sharing ui/ux on mobile. actionable text + icons or icons only

Your decision should also be informed other factors: how much you desire to encourage that behavior how dense/sparse the information on screen already is how many social networks you plan to provide ...
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How to deal with files in use?

Would you like to be interrupted while learning? If someone is using the file it will not be a good user experience to immediately stop his work because someone has deleted it. Maybe a student is ...
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How to deal with files in use?

No notification is required as it doesn't interrupt the user. Assume that you have shared a document such as DOC, RTF, XSLX, or simple text file, PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF, etc. The other person (teacher) ...
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Sharing a link in iOS: where to place an action button if not in a bar?

You can add an "Action" image in the table view cell. That can make users understand that will be a Share Extension. This is an example from Reeder.
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Which share icon is most appropriate for web?

There's surprisingly little data on this out there that I could find. The only study I read about was Microsoft's, which doesn't provide concrete data. Microsoft says: We looked at the icons users ...
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What is the standard design pattern for file sharing?

To answer the specific questions: Install the corresponding desktop clients (DropBox, Google Drive) and save the file into the local instances of the folder. Then follow either step below. Send the ...
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Which solution is better for sharing video : Pop up or tab?

This is what I just see after clicking on Share in 13" macbook. Major part is not above the fold so most users may be unware of sharing at least few seconds. In case of vimeo, we don't have that ...
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How to deal with files in use?

What Deeksgit said is true, files that are already opened in the browser or on your local machine won't be affected by file deletion once they are opened. What you actually need to do is to ...
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How to deal with files in use?

First, if it's a learning material all those who have access to the file should have an access to download the file on their local machine. So, irrespective of whether the author deletes the file or ...
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Is it a good UX practice to have social sharing buttons on a mobile website?

Most likely it depends on the context and the intention for your app/business, as well as the incentives the user has for such actions. Intentions: If we're just individuals making an app and growing ...
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Showing socially shared content to users who are not logged in

Since the signup process is extremely simple, you can first grant non-users of the app access to a part of information that was shared with them and then add a sign/up or login screen before they can ...
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What are good terms for distinguishing non-shared from shared files?

According to the dictionary, shared has an antonym: unshared, and includes a second option: excluded. Also unshared has many synonyms, of which I highlight: particular, exclusive, not general...
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Browser navigation in SPA: Which changes to UI state should be preserved in URL for the purpose of URL state synchronization?

Should every detail of the UI be preserved and synchronized? Including column widths? If not, where do I draw the line? Definitely no: Talking of column widths, they shouldn't, as the window width ...
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Browser navigation in SPA: Which changes to UI state should be preserved in URL for the purpose of URL state synchronization?

It all depends on context and user needs. As a rule of thumb I would stick with the intended use of urls, to locate and identify a resource. I added a little background info below. For a SPA however, ...
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Files ownership within shared folders

You have to think about all the use cases in a situation like this. And also take a look at what existing tools do to tackle such problems. Incase of sharing rights to a folder, you can take a look at ...
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Are there existing patterns for forwarding an image to email from in app?

You should talk to your developers occasionally because they will tell you about potential solutions such as: setup an API endpoint that receives the information from app (perhaps your API already ...
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Is there a tool for interactions versioning?

There is plant for sketch ( ) and versions ( ) that do exactly what you want
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Is it a good UX practice to have social sharing buttons on a mobile website?

This is an interesting topic and article. I understand that space is a constraint in mobile apps but I feel, we should provide an option for sharing. If sharing in social media is relevant to the ...
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How to deal with files in use?

The case is a teacher Alice that has published some material and later on she wants to cease publishing it. Other teachers, Bob and Cal, might have referenced the original material, if they found that ...
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Showing Android "direct share" targets for a logged-out app

I don't find this as a privacy issue as the user already agreed to log in . On the ground of showing apps (logged out state) in direct share is good until the app is a sharing medium / a community (e....
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What is the relevant way to show share count of article?

It would be better if you show share count with Social Media In my site i have experience on this social sharing count like this if you used WordPress you can try #1 WordPress plugins sumome! Thank ...
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