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TLDR: Don't store and reference the state of a "Select All" toggle This feels more like a comment (though I have too low rep to post one) but in addition to the given answers one side consideration that could raise issues later is what a "Select All" toggle means when active on the backend, especially if consent is involved. Is that a ...


I think it depends on the situation. Selecting all is not only useful for activating all elements, but also for once all have been activated, deselecting only those not required. In the case described in the question with so few options it's somewhat confusing. But in cases of multiple options, SELECT ALL can be very useful. The following example is the ...


I am not a fan of the approach you have suggested. I find that having a global toggle can be confusing. The reason for this is exactly why you are unsure and asking this question - because there are strong arguments for it functioning in different ways. I find the best approach is to just have explicit actions for selecting and unselecting all options. ...


Personally, I prefer to have it toggled on/off too, depending on the children state. At least with the design above, it makes sense to also change the 'parent' state, because should the user want to toggle everything on/off, they don't have to manually toggle the children state (which n actions), they can just change the parent state (just 1 action).

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