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Term "Requirement Gathering" in UX - A misnomer?

At an abstract high level, Requirement Gathering still works, i.e. it doesn't specify how you will gather/discover the requirements nor the process. However, I agree with you that it does not exactly ...
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What is the best way to collect the relevant fields for a UI screen?

Stories should be based on user research. If they are not, spend some time in research to understand what common tasks are users trying to accomplish in the page and how are they doing it. Derive ...
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Requirements gathering

You will need to do an information architecture process (IA). It is beyond the scope of this website to deal with the entire process and its intricacies, but you can get help on IA requirements ...
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How to informally test users’ knowledge of app’s undocumented behavior?

How to informally test users’ knowledge of app’s undocumented behavior After the warning, and along with the 1000 partial results, present a somewhat unobtrusive note or easily dismissable popup that ...
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For a startup, should product requirement understanding be considered a part of UX process.

TL,DR; Yes, The UX lead should sit here, since he'll be able to understand WHY a feature is being requested rather than WHAT the feature to be implemented is. The UX team should be a be able to ...
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Term "Requirement Gathering" in UX - A misnomer?

Simple answer: No. Longer answer: The "Requirements Gathering" stage is not about formulating a solution. It is about gathering together the requirements that any proposed solution must satisfy in ...
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Term "Requirement Gathering" in UX - A misnomer?

Term "Gathering" suggests that the requirements are already existing, and one just needs to collect them through some means. I guess user/product requirements also already exist, in that there are ...
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Term "Requirement Gathering" in UX - A misnomer?

It is quite accurate description of a process of collecting the things that are needed: requirement (n.): "things required, a need" gathering (n.): "an assembly of people, act of coming ...
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