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For quick user feedback I use codepen and mock-up my designs into a useable demo, this way I can send someone a link and get feedback from real interactions. Of course the code doesn’t have to be production quality, it just needs to convey how I see something working and it’s a great starting point to refining functionality etc


Well that means you'd have to go for a more complex prototyping tool like Axure. You could basically just import your screen images there and place a text field on top (works on mobile too). The only drawback is that you can't mass-import your images like you can in Invision, so it costs extra effort to create the screens. But if you don't have many ...


There is no UX rule that says they must be the same. Your developers will thank you if they are are the same, as this will make it easier for them to code, however you users might not be so happy with that. In many cases it might actually be better to make the create and edit flows different, i.e. use a a guided wizard for create, and use a basic page to ...

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