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Why put a warning sticker over the warning on this product?

Is there any chance the label pictogram is actually 10x10mm? Guidance on Labelling and Packaging Version 2.0 - September 2016 states in section 5.2 (Size of the label and of the label elements) that ...
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Modal or new Page?

The general rule I apply to modal v's switching to a page is the following. If the information or transition is temporary and the focus of the user is to be returned to the page after they have ...
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Modal or new Page?

Option C: Expand the card to reveal more info. I favour this method over modals, as I find modals break the flow of the interaction - switching focus to potentially a different part of the page (not ...
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Modal or new Page?

I'd go for version B, separate page. Modals don't scale well, adding more information tends to break them. Also a separate page allows you, and visitors, to link directly to the product information. ...
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Modal or new Page?

The only right way to answer your question is to understand how your users are using your application and interacting with your products. Both of your suggestions assume that your products need ...
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What would you expect at the end of a pagination?

I would display [<] 8/8 without the arrow to the right. Hiding the arrow is an important visual stimulus indicating that the user has reached the end of all results (It is also how Google does it). ...
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Button or link to slide content to be visible?

You are correct, buttons and links are both CTA's, but they communicate 2 different things. A rule of thumb for this question: link takes user to a new location, a button changes the state of the ...
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Should call to actions (CTAs) be included in product search result listings?

First thing first Nobody is removing CTAs. In any case, some sites are (well, I think they did it some time ago) removing CERTAIN CTAs. In the specific case you mention, the Add to Cart button. As ...
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Is there an unbiased way to collect feedback on a product idea in a user survey?

From the way you've put parts of the question in parentheses, I interpret that the actual proposed question reads something like: "If our organization offered a way to book travel without having to ...
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How many product features to include on a homepage

Possibly you need to ask marketing or sales department - which features are hot sellers. Or what features should be offered first due to this webpage or even whole website audience? Or what features ...
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How to handle 3 variant selection on product page

First of all I will say it might be worth checking out how Amazon handle this as it's a pretty common scenario for a lot of products and might give you some useful tips. That being said, I will ...
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Apply for a card: in a new page or on the same product page? What's the best user flow?

Well, it depends on what the information page looks like, how much information is present there and after putting the form, whether is it going to look busy and cluttered or not. Secondly, usually, ...
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Modal or new Page?

The technology used to build the website plays an important role in choosing the layout of the website. If using a separate page for each product that takes more time to load the page makes the user ...
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How to name a product rewrite, without raising too high expectation?

We would like to release this new version, while keeping the current version open, in order to gather feedback as soon as possible. We decided to add a migration banner to the new version on the ...
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Tips for mobile product Carousel for gallery of a single product, or should I use it at all?

From my research, I saw some websites hide the carousel navigation buttons when displaying a single image. Others (Realtor) display only one image and use a link to open the rest in a gallery. ...
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Global search in product detail page (mobile) necessary?

Q1) Would it be a nice user experience to add the global search button the top navigation bar of the product page? A1) It would be perfectly okay and necessary to place the global search button at ...
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Did not perform A/B Testing , how to define success of feature

We'd need more context here. What problems existed before the feature? What problem is the feature trying to solve? Based on the metrics around that problem, you can move forward with testing the ...
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Is there an unbiased way to collect feedback on a product idea in a user survey?

Theoretically there is always going to be some degree of bias in research, so it would be more appropriate to aim for practices that aim to minimize the degree of bias. The problem with the way the ...
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Is there an unbiased way to collect feedback on a product idea in a user survey?

It seems to me that you'll want to present this through two multiple-choice questions, both short and to the point and with a limited range of possible answers, but more than a single presumed goal (...
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Is there an unbiased way to collect feedback on a product idea in a user survey?

That's definitely a tricky situation to be in. If you are conducting some qualitative user research you could possibly use the data to confirm the pain point and support the goal which you are working ...
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Is there an unbiased way to collect feedback on a product idea in a user survey?

You are right. This really needs a deep understanding of context. However, do not tell users what are their pain points ( this creates a bias). Instead, ask them what are their pain points, and goals....
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Category assignment based on rules

You can try using tags, and allow users to filter based on one or more tags. The filters (queries) can be saved as searches and collections that are dynamic. I'm not clear on the use case, but it ...
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Which would be the best way to show purchased products in a dashboard?

Well the first option only works if you only can buy one product, so you don't have to differentiate between products, right now it looks really confusing since I don't even know what I bought. The ...
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1 vote

Using tags on the products page

So if I'm right in thinking this is an ecomm site - you must tag up products, it's a standard practice. Tags in eCommerce are called 'product attributes'. These attributes are what is used for the ...
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Is there any evidence of differences in e-commerce product quality perception around the world?

This article suggests that perceived quality is a variable in how consumers treat eCommerce in different countries. Unfortunately, it's behind a paywall. : Global Differences in Online Shopping ...
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Enabling Multi SKU Selection

The conventional way is to provide a checkbox by each item to be selected and a single button ("select checked items") to pull them together. The same convention applies regardless of what the items ...
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product details page with different variations

I Feel for all the product you can't have one template. First list out all the features of the product and choose the common one. Decide the template based on the common feature and present the ...
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What is the ideal aspect ratio for product images?

I suggest you respect the grid you have on the page. You can make the images fit into their containers. For mobile, you can use a column (with a 100% width image) on the row, for tablet two, for ...
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What is the ideal aspect ratio for product images?

There is no such thing as ideal aspect ratio of images. Users don't judge your products based on their image aspect ratio. The contents of the image are much more important. Product images should ...
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How to compare similiar products and highlight differences and USPs?

I think this is quite a tricky topic. The first step would be to determine your goal and user group. As far as I get your idea it's more a product comparison website. 1) To compare things you need ...
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