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Most people are right-handed, so 90% of headsets are made for r-h people. With right hand you can adjust microphone position more accurate than left.


There does not seem to be a UX answer as far as I can tell. With a little searching, other people seem to believe it is for right hand dominant users where their right hand is always on the mouse and busy so the left hand is available to mess with the headphones. I would also have to agree with this. It seems there isn't a scientific reason for companies ...


So, is there any UX reason for doing something like this, or is this just bad design? There is a definite reason for this in my eyes, the learnability of interface and the predictability of the resulting behaviour. If I have a phone / car etc with "chunks" of fuel, I can begin to learn how long a chunk lasts, "I'm on one bar on my phone" that means I have ~...

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