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PDF fixed vs automatic column width

From readability point of view, users will view one report at a time. As long as they are not very different, these slight differences should not be significant enough to be committed to memory. You ...
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pdf download url on a webpage

There are no rules in UX that limit you to keep the URLs in single line, unless they can't fit into the available space, but make sure it doesn't become too long that would make users avoid it ...
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How would you highlight a new question on a FAQ list?

The only user who cares whether a question is "new" is one who has previously visited the FAQ page, already read the "old" ones, and is now returning to the page for whatever reason. For all other ...
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need recomendation for form that has 300 fields

This is a lot of fields, so you can not decide based on preference of users here. My suggestion is that you will have to provide various ways of completing it to the user: online with the ability ...
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Way to fit a more than 20 columns wide table in PDF?

Use symbols and abbreviations to lower the width of each column, and have a legend on top of the table to explain each symbol/abbreviation if necessary.
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Best way to display a PDF and a web form together

Unfortunately, mobile Web browsers will not render pdf inside an iframe. The pdf mime type is handled by most Web browsers as a file to be downloaded. The only way you could make it work is to convert ...
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Is `h` a valid heading tag in PDFs?

Yes, it's valid but it's use is discouraged because it doesn't have a level, but it sounds like you're only doing this temporarily so maybe you'll be ok as long as you put a level back on it at some ...
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How to specify which pages NOT to print in PDF?

More tech support than UX, but you can open the PDF in Acrobat, select all pages (in page view) then command-click the pages you don't want to print.
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Should PDFs for on-screen reading be split into pages (with a "real" paper size)?

In some cases, having a single large PDF page is necessary, particularly when a craftsman is working with a template. For instance, an embroiderer working on a large cross-stitch pattern on a tablet ...
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How to present form elements when a user prints a website page or generates a PDF

Are you 100% that users will print for the sole purpose of reading the content and there are no cases where the user interacts with the forms and would like to print the "results" of the ...
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How do we make our users notice there is a second page to the PDF

Create different tiles in your supporter portal for native and English Add Cta on hover of the tiles choose the native or English Add first page to your pdf that explains the content Generate only 1 ...
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How do I solve the two column layout challenge for question and answer sections?

The goal is to maximize the amount of space for the PDF, which seems to have a high level of detail and dense tables. Thus, I think your best bet would be to take a pattern from the unmoderated user ...
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Do PDF menus on restaurants' websites make the site not fully accessible?

If the menu is only available via PDF and the PDF is not tagged, then the website is not considered accessible. However, if the menu is also part of the main website (ie, the menu is available in html ...
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Validity of PDF for image description

Please note that success criterion 1.1.1 uses the following definition of text alternative (emphasis added): Text that is programmatically associated with non-text content or referred to from text ...
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Accessibility when embedding PDF in Word document

PDFs are generally pretty inaccessible for screen readers. Adobe has made some great efforts but unless you're generating the PDFs yourself it's more likely they won't be great. Have you tried ...
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