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Pagination refers to the splitting of information across multiple pages and the related navigation control.

Pagination comes from the a physical distribution of information across page, like when printing text on several pages.

For this metaphor has been adapted to signify that content is split over several discrete pages. Pagination often refers to the navigation controll that allows the user to skip from one page to another. These are often in a numbered or lettered manner and include the possibility to skip to next or previous page(s).

enter image description here

Besides wittily incorporating the website's logo into account, some basic aspects of a pagination navigation in screen design can be seen here: Ordered content, links (icon and label) for previous and next pages, direct access to any page by clicking the page number.

Following above example, paginations of vast amounts of pages are often visualized by listing the first and last page number and using an ellipse inbetween, like:

← 1 2 ... 723 724 →

With large numbers of pages, also skipping to the very first or very last page is an option, commonly shown like this:

⇤ ← 1 2 ... 723 724 → ⇥

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